Help creating a more Granular Budget (weekly paycheck)

I need a little help.

I think this is the greatest thing I have come upon and I know it is going to improve my money management skills.

I have an accountability manager that helps me setup a budget each month and then I put in my due dates for all my bills and then I go through and setup my budget on each paycheck date.

Does anyone know of anything that I can do with Tiller that helps with that?

I am at a point where just setting a monthly budget isn’t good enough for me to be successful. I have to micromanage my spending each paycheck.

Are you using the Foundation Template or the Envelope Budget Template? It sounds like the Envelope Budget Template is what you would need. You can adjust the budget interval to either one week, two weeks, or one month depending on how often you get paid.

I use the Foundation Template. Something that I have done recently is make a sheet where I put in all of my recurring bills for the month to figure how much discretionary money I have available. Its easier than keeping up with several different categories for me, which is what I used to do. Something like this might work for you as well.

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@ctackett6407. The Projected Balances sheet is helpful at projecting balances after inputting monthly expenses. It also allows for various period intervals (daily, weekly, or monthly). Its a nifty tool to use in addition to either the Foundation and/or Envelope budget as @damon mentioned.

@ctackett6407, for weekly budgeting, the only option is the envelope budget tool, but it’s a bit more complex to set up and use.

@Damon have you checked out the Spending Money sheet from Tiller Community Solutions to help you nail the discretionary spending riddle?

@heather I have but I wasn’t a huge fan of the way it worked. I tried out Simplifi by Quicken and they had something similar to the Spending Money Sheet so I just copied their method. I think it works better for me when I can put in all of my recurring expenses by bill, not category. And when the bill is cleared I input how much the bill actually was and it will adjust my remaining money left to spend. I could show and tell the sheet. I’m not a spreadsheet guru so it could definitely be improved.

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Hey Damon - did you share this sheet? Sounds like what I need!