Help with Financial Model for Agency

Sorry if I’m too late to this but I really like @Brad.warren’s suggestion to use tags in your Transactions sheet— that seems like an appropriate place to track expenses to specific clients & projects. Technically a Client column makes sense (rather than Tags), but using tags may allow you to piggyback on some of the tag-driven solutions in the Tiller Money Labs add-on.

When I was consulting, I used the Simple Business Dashaboard that @Brad.warren recommended to monitor my business. It does a great job as a top-level overview with some helpful filters & views. You’d need to do some customization or create helper sheets to dig to a tag- or client-level.

In my consulting spreadsheet— in addition to all the core Tiller Money sheets— I added sheets to track:

  • Project work with dates, hours and descriptions
  • Invoices & status
  • “Attachments” - receipts in my Google Drive

I never really need client- or project-level budgeting so that is a new wrinkle.

Good luck.