Hide categories used by Savings & Debt?

I set up a group of Goals categories that I’m tracking for savings goals purposes. Some of these I don’t fund on a regular basis. If I mark the category as Hide from Reports on the Categories sheet then it breaks the Savings Budget and Savings & Debt sheets. If I leave Hide from Reports blank then those sheets are fine, but they show up on my monthy/yearly budget sheets and completely throw those off as my goal amounts are something my cash flow can’t support. What’s the best way to handle this?

Ok - I figured out part of my problem. When I added the adjustments to the Savings Budget sheet I didn’t notice the Adjust +/- Modifies dropdown and it was set to Budget, not Savings. I cleared my Budget Journal entries and re-entered all the current savings bucket amounts (these are mirrored from the buckets set in my Ally Savings account) and when I updated with the new setting it’s not messing up my category budgets or monthly report.

It would still be nice to be able to hide those categories from the monthly/yearly sheets and have them still show up in the Savings Budget and Savings & Debt sheets. I haven’t quite deciphered the formulas in the hidden section of the Savings & Debt sheet to know if that can be modified to do that or not.