Hide Setting Not Respected For Savings Column in Savings Budget

Good morning! It’s been a little bit since my last bug fix, but I came across another issue. It appears that the Savings column C is not respecting the Hide flag for categories (and by proxy Available column F. This became apparent with my hidden Investment category that contains mostly unbalanced transfers. This category is otherwise hidden and values don’t contribute to Budget or Actuals. Removing the Savings flag from the category removed it from the Savings column, but that introduces a corresponding offset error.

I was able to address this by concatenating checks in each of the SUMIF() functions for an empty string in Hide From Reports column AF7:AF. Here is my updated formula in C8:


After making the change I was able to confirm that removing the Hide flag displays the categories as expected.


This fixes the huge mismatch between the Savings sum on my Expense type line vs the sum of the categories I mentioned on the other thread.

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Hide From Reports column AF7:AF . Which report are you talking about please?

The Savings Budget sheet. That column is in the hidden section.