Hide Transactions - show Balances

I have several investment accounts set up as Connected Accounts.

All of the individual transactions for these accounts show up in the Transactions tab (as they should) which I don’t care to see because of the minutae. It is important to see the balance of these accounts in the Balances tab and I don’t want to have to manually update these accounts.

Is there a way to hide the Transactions for these accounts while continuing to show the balances in the Accounts tab?

Using the “Hide” column on the Accounts tab also hides it from the Balances tab.


I run into this same problem with my wife’s former employer’s 401k and just use some auto cat rules to automatically categorize them as a category that i have hidden, i do understand the frustration there are usually 15-20 at a time about every 2 weeks or so with dividends and other adjustments.

The other option would be to select them all and delete them, however that isnt automatic.

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Oh that’s a great idea. - the hidden category thing.

What I do is conditional formatting. All transactions from my investment accounts get changed to a light gray font. I can see them and see detail when I click on the cells but they are kind of hidden.

However, I’m now rethinking this… :slight_smile:

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Susananddennis, can you format them automatically?

Oh yeah. Easy peasy. On your transactions tab drop down format and click on conditional formatting.

Here are mine. If a cell in column D is empty, it gets turned yellow. If it is transfer or Stifel or Ameriprise, it gets a gray font. If it’s a debit it’s pink and if it’s a credit it’s green.

Probably over kill but I like action :slight_smile:

If you click on one of the gray ones, here is the detail I use

Any change you make to the sheet, invokes this formatting automagically.

Make a copy of your Tiller sheet that you can go back to if you need to and then play!


Thanks [Susandennis] and [bentyre1] - helped me think about this and I’ve implemented both to make it much cleaner now.

I categorize them as 401KTrans and that is a hidden category. The account isn’t hidden so the balance will show up. You can if you wish, also delete all those transactions without it impacting the balance.

I just happened on a solution I now love better than all of the above (even mine!).

I have no interest in seeing my transfer, ameriprise or stiffel categories in my transaction sheet. but, I do want them available and i kind of like to check now and then.

I created a filter - data>create filter>filter by value and then I ‘select all’ and then unselected those three. BINGO! My transactions tab is now JUST what I want to see.

An easy way to double check transactions that are now hidden is via the Transaction Tracker. I keep this tab open and set to ‘this month’ as a kind of backup.

I love my new system for me. Thanks for asking the question and prompting me to make the change!

@susandennis I’ll give one word of caution with filters, when a filter is applied, you’ll run into issues with the transaction splitter if you use that, it will pick the wrong transaction. But if you use slicers which is similar, then the splitter will work properly.

I thank @yossiea for pointing this out to me previously.


I rarely ever use the splitter BUT, heck, why chance it? I just killed the filter and, after a bit of self education, I managed to work out the slicer thing! The result is just as good, of course.

So thanks!!

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One thing with the slicer is that the little widget can get lost so you need to make sure you either find it and delete it, or add another one and reset it.

oh, thanks! very good to know i tucked it next to descriptions on the title row.

I love this idea to use conditional formatting to gray out the transactions that don’t need categorized. I’ve been categorizing them as “nonbudget transactions”, but this is much cleaner and more clear. Thank you for sharing!