Historical transactions

Looking for a way to pull in years of historical bank and credit card data and automate a solution to call out external transfers, cash advances or any suspicious activity where I then would need to research further and follow a trail.

thank you in advance!!

Hoping Tiller has something in its arsenal to help me in this situation.

Welcome @iAmBart, :wave:

You can use the steps in this guide to manually add historical data.

I’m not sure what you mean by:

Can you elaborate on that?

hi Heather -

Really just trying to find and flag any sort of transactions that point to (possibly) my ex trying to hide money (cash advances/external transfers/etc…) I’d like this software to automatically flag items of this nature and then also maybe suggest others for investigation.

I’ve been mostly hands off with our finances unfortunately I was too trusting…

Hmm, the closest thing available would be to use AutoCat to build some rules based on actual examples of these types of transactions. Once you have one example it will categorize all the other instances.

You can set up criteria like if it’s over X amount and has this description or if it’s over X amount in this account to help you.

I don’t know of anything out there in generally, but definitely not specific to Tiller, that would automatically know if something was one of those specific types of transactions so you’ll have to do some combing of the data initially to figure it out what type of rules to set up.

Let me give that a go and i’ll report back.

thank you for the suggestions!