HMBradley accounts integration

Is anybody using Tiller to track their HMBradley accounts? If so, how are you doing it?

(For those unaware, is an online bank with a high-yield savings account and credit card.)

HMBradley does not appear to be available in Yodlee so it does not work as an automated account. They don’t provide a CSV download at the moment.

I used to have a process set up where I would log into their site, capture the (HTTP) request being made to download the transactions and then run a script I wrote to convert the result into a CSV which I would then import into Tiller using the excellent “Import CSV Line Items” add-on. But recently they seem to have added some CloudFlare security where it’s not possible to download the transactions outside of the browser.

I was wondering if anybody else was using HMBradley accounts with Tiller with success. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Yossarian,

Does HMBradley offer any type of export, maybe .xlsx file?

Also, in the past when a CSV or Excel file wasn’t an option I would just copy/paste the table from the browser into a spreadsheet and it worked okay.

Hope you’ve found a solution by now.

@heather Thank you for checking in! HMBradley do not currently support exports. My current workflow for importing transactions is:

  1. Log into the HMBradley website
  2. Find the HTTP call to fetch “transactions” for each account (deposit, credit card, plans etc.) (using the Network tab in Chrome) and open it in a new tab in the browser; this will show the transactions in JSON format
  3. Download the transactions JSON opened
  4. Run a bash script I wrote that converts this JSON into CSV and also filters based on dates I provide
  5. Import CSV into Tiller sheet using the excellent “Import csv line items” extension

There are probably parts of this that could be automated further but this is OK for me at the moment to run once every 2 weeks or so.

In my last message, I said “it’s not possible to download the transactions outside of the browser” – I think this may still be true, but it’s still possible to download the transactions inside the browser and then go from there as outlined above.