HMBradley accounts integration

Is anybody using Tiller to track their HMBradley accounts? If so, how are you doing it?

(For those unaware, is an online bank with a high-yield savings account and credit card.)

HMBradley does not appear to be available in Yodlee so it does not work as an automated account. They don’t provide a CSV download at the moment.

I used to have a process set up where I would log into their site, capture the (HTTP) request being made to download the transactions and then run a script I wrote to convert the result into a CSV which I would then import into Tiller using the excellent “Import CSV Line Items” add-on. But recently they seem to have added some CloudFlare security where it’s not possible to download the transactions outside of the browser.

I was wondering if anybody else was using HMBradley accounts with Tiller with success. Thanks in advance!

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