Holiday Gift Planner State edit

Is there a way to customize the Holiday Gift Planner status and add options to the drop down?

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@reithela sorry for the delayed reply :woman_facepalming:

@jonorlin can you chime in here?

Hi @reithela,
Yes, you can customize it.

The Gift Status options are set in the hidden part of the sheet. If you click the triangle on the right side of the top of column G, you can open the hidden part.

The current values are set in N2:N5.

If you want to change those values, just over-write them.

If you want to add more options, you can add status names down to N9.
But if you go below cell N5, you will need to adjust the Data Validation formula in E55 to the bottom of the sheet.

Select E55 to the last E row, then click on Data validation. In the Data validation pop-up, adjust the Criteria of the List from a range from:
'Holiday Planner'!N2:N5

Make the N5 value match the last cell of your new status options.

If you want to add even more options, you can change the Criteria to List of items and then enter as many items as you want separated by commas.

If you make changes to the existing status names, some of the calculations in the upper part might not work, since the formulas are designed to work with the pre-loaded names.

Sorry for the delay.

Does that work for you?


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@jonorlin Sorry for the delay. Thank you for the assistance. That worked great.

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