How can I add another login for the same bank? (Multiple chase accounts)

Have multiple Chase accounts (one mine and one my wife’s). Tiller not allowing me to add my wife’s. It automatically pulls my account without letting me input my wife’s.

@srcrockett If you use a different login to access your wife’s account, you will need to go through the process to add that Chase account in the Tiller Console using your wife’s credentials.

It may be best to reach out to our CS team at so they can troubleshoot your specific issue.

Hopefully the awesome Tiller support team got your problem sorted out. I don’t have any issue pulling in both mine and my wife’s unique Chase logins. I believe I did have to pick one of the logins where I had to delete any JT accounts that showed up in both the logins (in the Tiller account page) so it didn’t duplicate the data. That’s very simple to do though.

thanks, Tiller support helped me out!