How can I adjust Monthly Analysis sheet to work with my Envelope Budget?

I use the Envelope Budget and have installed the Monthly Analysis sheet. Actual and Available amounts show without a problem for both Income and Expenses but the Budget Amounts do not. Can I change the Monthly Analysis sheet to show my budget amounts? Thanks!

:wave:, @tjv !

The Monthly Analysis sheet is built specifically for use with the Foundation template. I’m not aware of a way to make it work with the Envelope Budget.


Interesting question, @tjv. I just took a peek at the Monthly Analysis template and there is a lot going on there. It’s kind of an intricately wired machine… and as @heather says, it was built to work with the Foundation template.

A spreadsheet ninja :crossed_swords:, could pull this off but a better bet may be having a look at our Savings Budget (Prototype). It is a refresh on the envelope budget you are using built to be more performant and more compatible with the rest of our templates and workflows. It’s not quite production ready but you can make a test sheet and take it for a spin :oncoming_automobile:.

@heather and I are hosting a webinar on Thursday and we will demonstrate it.

I am fairly well versed in spreadhseets but am not quite at this level of ninja, so I will definitely check out the Savings Budget and join the webinar next week. Thank you!

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