How can I protect the transactions sheet from data corruption?

What is the best way to protect the transactions sheet so that a random key stroke doesn’t ruin everything? Is it possible to make the sheet only modifiable by the tiller money feed? How about just tiller tools in general but not directly by a user?

These might be helpful:

  1. The toolbar has an Undo and Redo button.
  2. Under File, select Version History. You can go back in time to a prior version.
  3. Highlight a range, then right click. Select Protect Range.
  4. Click the Share button to share with another instead of letting them access via your login.
  5. On the sheet tab, click the down arrow. Click Hide Sheet. Or maybe select Protect Sheet.
  6. Under Tools, select Protect Sheet.

Thanks for all the options. I went with 6 and it seems to work perfectly!

Now when I make a change to the transactions sheet, a window pops up asking me to verify I want to make the change. This window also allows me to cancel the protection for five minutes. Finally, Tiller money feed works just fine even on a protected sheet, just user input is protected.


Great guidance, @blake. Thanks for sharing these tips and insights!