How can I see a "Projected P&L"

Is there any way I can get a projected P&L that shows - by line item - the total amount spent to the end of the prior month, plus the total amount budgeted for remaining months?

Tell me if I’m not thinking about this correctly, but this is the only way I’ve ever been able to figure out how much money I’m likely to have left over at the end of the year, so I can adjust my spending accordingly.

Tabs such as the Yearly Budget do not account for a bonus I may have received in the summer, or extra spending on gifts I anticipate in December…

@bbruck I can’t think of an exact Community built template that has a full projected P&L as you described. However, you can check out the Projected Balances template to see if that would work.

Also, one of our members shared a workflow that might be helpful.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. Neither of these does what I want, unfortunately.

@bbruck If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a way to project your budget (estimated income and expenses) for the next 12 months. The Incredibly Cool Budget page in Income Companion does just that. I’ve just joined Tiller to look at possibilities for linking the program to Google sheets for importing deposits and credit card transactions the recording of which is currently manual. Nothing else is needed by IC because the program automatically builds your Incredibly Cool Budget from your descriptions of your income, allowance, bills, sinking funds and savings. Although there may be additional opportunities for importing the information to maintain the Debt-to-income Ratio and Net Worth pages in the program. I’m excited to explore these options.

Thanks for the response unfortunately that’s not what I’m looking for. To be more clear, what i’m looking for is a monthly P&L that has the months across the top Jan - Dec and the categories down the side.

For each category, I want the actual expenses from Jan - Sep, and the budget for Oct - Dec. This will give me the most accurate estimate of what my actual P&L will be at the end of the year.

OK. Thanks for the clarification. All of the information, past and future, that would make up a P&L is available in Income Companion. I’m going to take a look at adding a P&L page. If it ends up being created, would you care to see it?

Yes I would love to see it - thanks!

Hi @bbruck:

Late to the party here, but wondering if you have seen the Yearly Budget sheet? This captures YTD activity in both income and expenses and the coming months for all. You can see what has happened and where you might end up if your future behavior matches your expectations.

Does that help?

I’ve come to the conclusion that a P&L in Income Companion, while possible, would be of little or no use to you. The program does not collect transactions from online sources. To have a P&L in IC you would have to use the software as your primary financial planning and cash flow management tool. My guess is that is not what you are looking to do.

I agree re: income companion.

Brad - thanks for posting. You can tease what’s needed from the yearly budget sheet but only by manually totaling the budget amounts for the remaining months and adding them to the actuals.

I could create the sheet myself if I could figure out how to get the categories to appear in the first columns, using some of the more primitive vlookup and offset functions I know how to use. Is there any sheet that simply lists the categories (as they may be changed) that otherwise appear on the yearly budget sheet? (I don’t know enough to mess with the formulas on that sheet without screwing the whole thing up…)