How do I adjust income for just one month and not all?

Hi, I’m new to Tiller, but I wanted to know how I can adjust income for specific months, for example I’m paid bi-weekly and typically that’s twice a month so it’s nice and clean to budget, but in December for example I’ll receive (3) paychecks in that month rather than (2), but once I set my budget it auto-populates that same amount for the next 12 months. I’m not seeing how I can adjust one category for just one month. I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

In the Categories sheet, you probably put your normal monthly income in the January column, and it auto-fills to all the cells to the right. In the December cell, just put what you want to appear there. That amount will auto-fill to all the cells to the right of it (if you have the next years columns already there), so you’ll need to put the ‘old’ value in the January cell again, so it auto-fills the other cells to the right.

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Most folks probably won’t :slight_smile: here’s the guide for how to do that:

Just for a little more context too on how the Categories sheet works, which is where you set the budgets.

The Categories sheet uses simple formulas that reference the previous cells to quickly populate your 12 month budget, but you can override any of those by just typing into the cell. The trick is that if the amount for the next month doesn’t need to be the same as the manual override month you just enter the correct amount into that month too.

For example if my income budget for September needs to be unique I would type $5000 into the cell for Sept Income and then $4000 into the cell for Oct income if it needs to go back down in Oct.

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