How do I check if any of my sheets are using Google App Scripts?

Hi There,

I’m trying to dive deeper into how each of the sheets work and I need to know if anything is running Google App Scripts. I’m using all of the Tiller Foundation Templates and plenty Community templates, Savings Budget and many others. I’m relatively new to Google Sheets, but have some experience in writing VBA scripts for Excel. I would know how to check if my sheets are running scripts in Excel, but I’m at a loss as to how to check for scripts on Google Sheets. My goal is to study the sheets to get a better understanding of how things are working. If I can confirm that Google App Scripts are not running, then I can focus on understanding the workflow of the formulas. Just trying to narrow down the scope of what I need to look at. I looked at a previous Builders contest and it appears that Scripts are not allowed, so I’m beginning to think that there should not be scripts I should be looking for. But maybe some older sheets do use them? Thank you to someone for pointing me in the right direction on what to look out for.


Go to the Extensions menu and choose “Apps Script”. I think you’ll find that there’s nothing there. The Foundation Template doesn’t use any scripts (it uses Add-ons or formulas for all features), and they are discouraged in shared templates.

Keep in mind, the extension/add-on could be using Google Apps Script behind the scenes, but you would not know/see that. To update your Sheet, they are either using GAS or the Google Sheet APIs.

I do wish Tiller documented exactly what they are doing server-side (back-end) and what is being done with formulas. So far I gather the only thing done server-side is filling a sheet and that:

  • imports new transactions
  • updates balances

Not sure what else it may do.