How do I get rid of this green line?

I manually added a Notes column on my Transactions sheet. A green line appears between it and the column to the left.

In greater detail below:

While it may seem harmless, it appears that the rows in that column are not connected to the rest of the sheet.

Let me explain:

Today I manually added a transaction from a month ago using the tool on Tiller Money Feeds. Despite me entering the correct date of the transaction, it was added on top of the page, as if it were the most recent. In the Date column, I reordered it Z to A (most recent on top), and the transaction went to its appropriate place.

However, the note I added in that column stayed up top. All other rows for that transaction went to the same place, but the text in the Notes column did not.

How do I fix this?

Select the entire sheet and toggle the data filter off/on.


BTW, also consider renaming the Notes column to Note, because some tools use the Note column (e.g. Split transaction)

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