How do I have the Savings Budget start fresh for the new year?

For the new year I really want to start using the Savings Budget – I’ve essentially been doing rollovers manually, so I’m really excited to find out there is an automated version. But with the new year, I want to start fresh, ie leave any leftovers/shortfalls in 2021. Right now I have essentially the Foundation sheet set up for multi-year use, so the Savings Budget has the data from 2021 to rollover into 2022. Is there a way to prevent that other than simply deleting 2021 from the spreadsheet or starting a new one for 2022?

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I think all the rollover info is saved in the ‘Budget Journal’ sheet. Delete all of those entries and I think Savings Budget starts from scratch, assuming you’ve added our updated to 2022 to your Categories sheet.

No, sorry, not the adjustments that I have made – I’m specifically talking about, like, if I spent a couple dollars over on one budget line in November, it shows up as a negative on the Savings column. Whereas, if I go back to the beginning of my spreadsheet where there is no data before it, the “savings” column reads as 0. I’d like it to read as 0 again for January.

Ahh. I think you’d need to change your categories sheet so the first month used in budgets would be Jan 2022 (it’s probably currently Jan 2021).

Okay for some reason when I simply swap 2021 and 2022 in the category sheet so that Jan 2022 comes first it breaks the sheet. It no longer recognizes that 2022 is a valid year in the specified range. It’s looking like I just need to start a new sheet without data from 2021, I think.

Sounds like maybe you have customized your Categories sheet. Normally, you would just change the left most date in the 1st row, and all the other dates would update to follow. Is the Categories sheet breaking, or the Savings Budget sheet? Whichever sheet is breaking has probably been customized and is no longer following the ‘default’ behavior.

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I did what they suggested to make it multi-year, so I did customize the categories sheet by adding 12 columns to the right of 2021. The budget sheet is breaking, up in the top right, the drop downs no longer recognize 2022 as a valid year. But that’s only when 2022 is in column E.

@chashahj if you followed the steps for adding additional months to the Categories sheet to multi-year budget you didn’t need to change cell E1 to be 2022.

So change that back in cell E1 on the Categories sheet to 1/1/2021.

Then double check that the cell for 1/1/2022 (that you manually added) has a formula in it, rather than it being static text 1/1/2022. You should have dragged the formula from Dec 2021 to the right all the way across to generate the months.

@heather Yeah no I know. I didn’t originally have E1 set as 2022, but I tried that change as an attempt to solve the problem I outlined earlier. It obviously didn’t work, so I changed it back. I’m just sort of trying whatever I can think of to keep my 2021 data but start from a blank slate in terms of leftovers/shortfalls.

@chashahj - did you double check that the 1/1/2022 cell (likely after column P) is a formula when you click into the cell or is it static text?

If you want your rollovers to reset from zero for the new year, @chashahj, you can change the date in cell O2 in the hidden area of the Savings Budget sheet to 1/1/2022. You shouldn’t need to delete entries from the Budget Journal sheet (though I haven’t tested this).


Let me know how it goes.

@randy what tab is that image from? I can’t find it. Thanks!

@randy Oh my god I found it!! That is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!

Sorry about that. I guess my answer wasn’t very clear. (I edited it.)

Did changing the date allow you to start over without purging the Budget Journal sheet?

Yep! That solved it perfectly. Thanks so much!

I found that column, but it in N2, The issue is my spreadsheet has a formula that said =BD4. When I go to BD4 is said =N2. I am not that great a google spreadsheets but I don’t have a date field to change

The formula in N2 is just recommending a starting point based on your Categories sheet. Just type over it with a date if you want something different.

Thanks you Randy, I understand spreadsheets just enough to be dangerous, and I am always afraid doing something wrong.