How do I 'ignore' certain transactions I do not want showing up in my budget or other places in my spreadsheet?

There are some transaction that are not related to my budgeting that I’d like to have the program ignore. In Mint . com, I was able to exclude a transaction from budgets/etc. Is there a way to do that here in Tiller?

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You can assign all of these transactions to the same category and designate that category as hide on the categories sheet and it will then exclude all of these transactions.

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Yeah, Mint used transaction tags to accomplish this, and @bentyre1’s suggestion is the closest thing to do this with Tiller. You can add Tags to transactions in Tiller, but they aren’t really used in reports that aren’t tag specific.

I have instead just adjusted my monthly budget amounts to vary for some of the expected larger transactions and accepted the times when something goes over budget otherwise. I’m getting used to that, but still sometimes find myself missing a transaction based hide.

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@mike4 Do you mean individual transactions, or e.g. all transactions related to a brokerage account or loan account? If the former, I like to include a category called “ignore” just for this exact purpose :slight_smile: If the latter, the way I like to handle this when setting up client sheets is to set up two separate sheets: one for cash flow purposes which includes only their credit cards and checking/savings accounts, and then a second just for net worth purposes. This way you can see the balances for relevant accounts on the net worth sheet, but the transactions from those accounts which are just noise from a cash flow perspective won’t show up in your transactions list on your cash flow sheet.

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Thank you for the quick replies! @bentyre1 Sounds like a good solution to me. I’m enjoying how flexible this tool is compared to mint.
@Caroleen i’m looking at just adjusting individual transactions, not whole accounts. I appreciate your feedback on the cashflow and networth sheets that you setup.
Thank you everyone for the feedback!


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You can do as @bentyre1 suggested and mark the category as hide or any Transfer type categories will be hidden from budgets by default.