How do you categorize investments and do you 'Hide' them?

Curious to know how you categorize investments. This could be a stock purchase or even a watch that historically holds its value (Rolex for example). Whether or not you agree with a Rolex being an investment, I am curious if you record the investments transactions as a Transfer and Hide it, or perhaps something different?

I import all my transaction investments and hide them. I use my own pivot table to break down and monitor the various transactions each month and year (such as buys, sells, capital gain/loss, interest, fees, etc…).

I don’t have a good handle on investments yet (I don’t have many), currently not importing them. For something like the Rolex, I would consider that a ‘Small Asset’ and use this process to keep track of it and it’s value.

All investments are categorized as savings and investment and are set to be hidden with no budget amount. The deduction from your checking if applicable can be categorized as a savings category item

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