How do you dynamically track stock investments?

I have been using the Portfolio sheet in Tiller for about 8 weeks now. I have a company-sponsored 401K with mutual funds primarily in Fidelity. After digging through Fidelity’s web site and Google searches, I have come up with ticker symbols. However, the ticker symbol and my # of shares does not seem to come close to the total value of each fund that I own. Anyone have a similar issue? Also, how do you dynamically track the # of shares that are being bought of each fund in the 401K through Tiller? Is there a sheet that I have missed somewhere? I am not looking for something that I have to manually update with the # of shares that I own from time to time, but something that will dynamically update those shares as they are purchased through my payroll deduction.


Sorry for the delay here. We have Holdings History (which I think is what you’re asking for) in a private beta.

You can join the waitlist here.

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