How do you keep your transactions up to date if your bank account only gives you the posted date?

I’m new to Tiller on my free trial, but I’m kind of struggling to see the point of keeping a subscription after it ends. My bank only gives me the date transactions are posted, not the date I actually made my purchases, which is pretty useless to me in the long run. My bank still lists purchases I made 5 days ago as pending, so all my transactions that get added to Tiller end up having some random date instead of the date I actually spent the money. This makes things too confusing and defeats the purpose of tracking my spending. I’ve been just manually adding my transactions the day I make them so that I don’t forget when I spent the money, but if I’m just doing it manually I may as well not bother with the subscription.

How do you guys deal with this? I feel like I’m missing something. I really like the idea of Tiller, but in practice with how long it takes banks to post transactions the syncing feature just feels pointless.

@lumpysplurt this feature request is on the wishlist for many of our customers. If you like, you can vote for this feature here.

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