How do you review at the end of the month?

Is anybody else running a category rollup report at the end of the month to see all or your typical expenses? Also, are you hiding any categories on the transaction sheet and running a separate rollup report that includes the hidden transaction? I am hiding vacation spending so I can see just the routine monthly expenses each month. If I know I have some vacation expenses for the month I am checking the include “Hide from Report” so I can see the normal spending along with the vacation spending. Thanks in advance for reply on how you are using Tiller.

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Hi @jay.carsten,

I think this is a fine way to review your transactions at the end of the month if you want to see all categories at once.

The other popular way to review is to use the Category Tracker (gSheets). The main difference is that you review one category at a time and the merchants are rolled up together to give you sum of spending per description (i.e. merchant). And there’s a cool pie chart :slight_smile:

Personally, I just review my monthly budget sheet to review whether I stayed under budget for each category, and don’t dig into the specific transactions too much, but my spending is pretty vanilla month to month with the main variation being the restaurants. In months where I have vacation spending, I don’t worry about it too much so long as I’m under budget.

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Hi Jay, I utilize the monthly budget view template but have added a column to the right titled commentary. As I go through each line item comparing actuals to budget, I then will go to the transactions sheet and filter in on the month and category I am reviewing. I can then see the transactions that make up that category and add notes to my commentary field. This his helpful when my wife & I review our monthly spend. Once I have completed doing all of my commentary, I duplicate/copy the sheet for historical purposes.

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