How far can i go back to with Bank/Credit Card transnational data?

How far can i go back with bank/credit card data ( if I don’t want to manually download)? Im only getting last 4 months now. Thanks

We can usually pull 90 days of transaction data with the initial import when you link an account, though this can vary by institution and account.

Thank you. Is there a way I can manually extract more data from my bank and add to that 90 days data? Thanks

You can manually add more historical data to your spreadsheet using the steps in the guide linked below. You can also quickly import a CSV from another tool (Mint, Personal Capital, YNAB) using an experimental workflow in the Tiller Labs add-on.

I recently came over to tiller. In order to get a full year snapshot, I to needed the remaining data back to 01Jan2020. Exporting the data in CSV and formatting it in a separate sheet was really quite simple. It was not something I had done before. One heads up for credit card data import, you credit card provider may display charges as a positive number. It makes since when you think about it though. It’s a liability account for you but an asset for them, so what you owe them would naturally be treated this way. Just look to be sure you bring over your charges as negatives into transactions and payments as positives.

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This is a great point @briansnorth. A quick way to do this is to create two extra columns to get the amounts to appear correctly. One called “Amount Formula” and another called “Amount Final.” In the Amount Formula column you can use a simple formula like =-[cell] to get a negative value and then drag that formula down using the “quick fill square” for the rest of the transactions. Then copy the contents of the Amount Formula column and paste special > values only into the Amount Final column to get just the values for those. Finally, delete both the original Amount and Amount Formula columns and rename the Amount Final column “Amount”.

Hopefully all that makes sense for anyone else who runs into this and needs to change the polarity of transaction amounts from credit cards.