How is Income Savings (Rollover?) calculated in the Savings Budget?

I must be confused about how income savings/rollover works in the Savings Budget.

Consider the following conditions:

  1. I have an Income category called Paycheck that is set to Track as Savings.
  2. I receive income to that category on the last day of each month.
  3. Funds from that category are available for spending on the first day of each month.

Today, January 1st, I would expect to see at least a partially available amount from my Paycheck category: the expected income from January plus the income rollover from the previous month. Granted, this would be a negative number because the expected income for January is a negative number roughly whose absolute value roughly doubles the expected savings from the previous month.

Before answering my question, you should know that I just transitioned from YNAB and I’m used to a lot of heavy lifting being done for me, so the answer might be painfully obvious.

I think I’m confused about how the Savings rollover works for income. Frankly, my spending habits have been quite bad historically, so I’m wondering if all those transactions are simply draining the available income from month to month.

Is there any calculation being done that’s resulting in $0 Savings balance for my December Paycheck?