How to activate Auto-Sort override BEFORE initial data import


How can you activate the Auto-Sort override function before the initial data import takes place?

When you initially link a sheet it downloads data with “newest on top” sorting. Then --after you activate the Auto-Sort override-- it begins adding new transactions at the bottom and you end up with a sheet that has two sorting criteria.

Thanks for your comments

Hi @jorgeelizondom, there isn’t a way to toggle it on before the first fill, but after the first fill you could just sort the date column from oldest to newest and it’d work fine with newest being at the bottom after that.

Thank you Heather,
So I can indeed sort the transaction sheet?

I am always wary of doing anything to the transaction sheet, since I’ve had several unintended unlinking of my sheets from the feeder bot.

Thanks again.

Yes, you can sort it, just make sure you follow the steps in this guide so you don’t mistakenly move the header row out of row 1.


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