How to add 2 citibank accounts?

My husband and I both have citbank credit cards, each with their own Citibank login.

Can I add 2 citibank accounts? When I go to do so, Tiller says I have already added a Citibank account and it looks like if I add another it will override the first.

I cannot merge the accounts. You cannot have one Citibank login for 2 people, I checked with Citibank first.


Yes, you can add both. I had this same situation a few years ago, but it was with Chase. I do not recall the Tiller message, but I would ignore it and move on.


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@Blake is right, you should be able to ignore whatever message is confusingly indicating that you already have Citi connected just add a second login.

When you click “Add accounts” and choose “Citibank” it should show you that you have one login already connected, but give the option to add another one.

These pop up windows are all controlled by our data provider so we don’t have much control over the messaging there to make it less confusing.


Thank you! It ignored the notice and it worked.