How to add New C/C without duplicating everything else

My husband and I have different logins for our bank, but many are joint accounts and therefore many of our accounts overlap when connected to Tiller. When I added his accounts after mine (we are new to Tiller, so this is the initial setup I’m referring to), it ended up making duplicates! i ended up having to clean it up, which took a bit of time, even with the duplicate manager add on because I was double checking everything. Now, he has a new credit card with the same institution I added last time that ended up with duplicates. How can I add his ONE card without importing all the other accounts again? Afraid to click the wrong thing, lol. pls advise, thanks!

In the Tiller Dashboard where you can manage your accounts, to the right of each of your accounts are three dots. Click on them and there is an option to remove the account. You could remove just those duplicate accounts from whichever person you choose. My wife and I share a joint account and I didn’t have to remove the duplicate account, and I still don’t get duplicate transactions. I’m guessing because the Institution and the account number are the same, that Tiller knew not to import them twice, so not sure why you are having a different experience.

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My wife and I share some accounts where my login gets the shared checking account but the kids’ bank accounts are only available with her login.

In a situation like this, you should be able to create one or more account connections (i.e. your and your husband’s login) to the institution. If you have shared accounts, when you link the accounts to the sheet, those accounts will show for both logins. Just be careful that for shared accounts (e.g. checking) you only opt to link one of the instances to the sheet.

In other words, feel free to link to institutions with one or more logins, but be careful not to link redundant accounts to a given spreadsheet.