How to categorize re-sale transactions?

I re-sell clothing and tech quite frequently. I’m curious to know how I should record the funds on re-sold items.

As of now, I am applying the transactions back towards the “technology” and “clothing” spending categories but I don’t feel this is correct but perhaps it is.

I do this often. I like to do as you are, categorize it in the same category it was when originally purchased. To me this makes sense, as I’m often selling the item to help pay for an upgraded/newer version of the same/similar item. I add a tag that indicates it was a ‘sale’, so I have a way of grouping all the sales to see how much I’ve made.

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It’s really a matter of preference on how you want to track it. There isn’t a “correct” way necessarily. This approach works and I like @jpfieber’s approach of tagging the transactions too so he can see how much he made on the item/gear. If you don’t use the approach you’re already using the other option would be a income category like “re-sell” or something.