How to Cover an overspent category with another one?

Hello everyone!

I am coming to Tiller after using YNAB for a couple of years. So far, I prefer Tiller. However, this something I am puzzled about, which was clearer at YNAB.

Let’s say I budgeted $300 for groceries and $100 for coffee . Mid month, I realised I spent 350 for groceries, but spent nothing on coffee. And, to balance things out, I decide, I won’t spend any money on coffee this month, to allow (only for that month) for my grocery “available funds” to become $400. What action should I be taking to see these interchanging budget amounts?
Let me rephrase: What can I do, other than going back to categories and manually changing my grocery budget to 400 and coffee budget to $0? (Which I do not want to do because my budgets haven’t changed, I just ( in my mind) make funds for groceries available from the coffee budget, but would like to see that reflected on the monthly budget tab.

In YNAB, I’d “cover an expense” with another budget category, I want to mimic this, so I can stay true to my overall total budget, by spending less in another category.

Thank you!

Hi @basak:

Tiller to the rescue with a tool called the Savings Budget. It provides the exact functionality you’re seeking. Read more about it, here:


Yes, @basak, as @Brad.warren notes, the Savings Budget is an alternative to the standard Monthly Budget. It includes features for envelope-like rollovers for month-to-month un/favorability and also shortcuts to move budget between categories to where it is needed.

Hi @Brad.warren and @randy,
Many thanks to both of you! I installed the savings add on and watched the webinar. This is indeed the solution I needed.
PS. I just realised I wrote this message when I received a response from you both but never hit send! It was sitting as a drafted message, sorry!

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Glad to hear you found what you needed, @basak.