How to duplicate a spreadsheet?

Good evening! Newbie here…there a way to make a duplicated version of my main connected spreadsheet? I’ve done a lot of work on my first one, but I want to try some things, but I don’t want to permanently break what I’ve got now. The only option I see in the Tiller console is to create a new sheet. Would it work to create a new sheet and then copy and paste the stuff inside the sheet I’m wanting to duplicate? Or is there a better way?

Should be able to do
File > Make a copy
Rename however you like.

If you want the new duplicate to fill with new transactions, launch Tiller Money Feeds from the new duplicate and it should ask to link it. New data will start off where the main spreadsheet left off.

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That did it! Thanks. I figured it had to be something simple, but I was trying to get at it through the wrong avenue.

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I tried this and it’s not working for me. What troubleshooting should I try?

What is not working exactly? Screenshots are always helpful :slight_smile: