How to keep my budget up to date with split transactions

I’ve just started using Tiller. Today I learned if I manually enter a transaction and split it right away, the split transactions will not be reconciled using the Reconcile tool. Apparently, users are supposed to not split a transaction, until after the transaction has been reconciled.

My transactions often take several days (e.g. sometimes three days or so) before they are pulled into Tiller via the Update tool. So, this means I would have to wait several days before I can split a transaction.

This is very frustrating. This means when I have split transactions (and I often do have split transactions) my budget would not be accurate and up to date for several days after a transaction has occurred. It also means I would have to remember how to split a transaction for several days, instead of being able to enter the split right away as the transaction happened.

Is there any way to work around this issue? How do others keep their budget up to date, when you have split transactions?

If it’s something that’s really going to affect my budget I put it in as the split transactions, highlight the row, and then delete it when the transaction settles. Personally most of the time a few day delay doesn’t affect my budget much and I typically have a good sense of where I’m at anyway. I can see where if you have many, many transactions a day that could be tough to keep track of though. There’s not a solid way of working with pending transactions right now for several reasons. There are some extensive threads about it that you can join in on.