How to "re-collapse" the "work" columns on a spreadsheet

Simple question (I hope): For all of the initial sheets, there are a set of “work” columns that are not normally displayed on the right. These are collapsed down, and can be expanded by clicking this chevron in the upper right:


Once I expand that, I have not found a way to collapse it back down. How does one do that? After doing my tinkering, I’d like to re-hide those columns to avoid accidentally mucking with them.

This is really just a general “Google Sheets” thing, but I haven’t been able to figure out the right set of terms to search for it. All the solutions keep leading me back to hiding columns or grouping and collapsing columns, neither of which produces the same result.

Hide. Hide is your friend. Let’s say the exposed working columns are G and F. Highlight G and F by clicking on the column head of F and then holding down the shift key and clicking on G

Then right mouse click and select “hide columns G and F” and poof they are gone.


Thanks for clarifying that. I think I was using a different method of hiding columns that didn’t result in getting that chevron back. Whatever I was doing before, I wasn’t getting that save chevron back.