How to reduce alerts for account that requires 2FA but rarely has new transactions

I have eight institutions connected to Tiller. The daily refreshes are working well. However, one of my accounts insists on using 2FA on every refresh. Every day or two, the Tiller sidebar alerts me that this account needs attention. It’s a savings account with only a few transactions per month. Going through the 2FA dance every day or two when there are no new transactions and no balance change for weeks at a time is annoying, so I ignore it and try to remember to refresh that account when I know there have been some transactions.

I realize the 2FA timing is probably dictated by the bank to Yodlee, with nothing we can do about it. Is there a way to tell Tiller to alert me less often for that specific account, perhaps weekly or twice a month? For now, I have a near constant reminder in the Tiller sidebar that an account needs attention, which I have trained myself to ignore. Ignoring the alert means I might miss when another account legitimately needs attention, or when this one actually has new data.

It’s not a huge issue, just a minor annoyance.

I don’t know if this would work, but what if you uncheck the account in the sidebar and then just recheck it once a month for long enough to do one refresh and fill? I’m not sure what Tiller does if you have a connection to a financial institution, but no accounts being refreshed (that is, does it still connect and try to refresh? If so, that doesn’t solve the problem.). Not sure if remembering to recheck the box once a month would be more or less of an annoyance.

Thanks for the suggestion. That would probably work, but I’m sure I’d either forget to recheck the box when I want it to refresh, or more likely, I’ll forget that I refreshed it yesterday and do it again today (and tomorrow… :laughing: ).

Thanks for the feedback. There isn’t a way to reduce this alert frequency. I close the sidebar so the alerts are out of sight out of mind :laughing: