How to remove a Tiller Labs solution?

I’ve been trying a bunch of them out but don’t want to keep them. The addons list has an option for “Restore Sheet”, but nothing obvious for officially removing a solution. Deleting the sheet gets rid of it, but still shows as installed in the Addons list. Not the end of the world but just wanted to confirm that was the best available option

Watch this. Blake

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Ah, thank you, I had the same “comes back after deleting sheet and refreshing” issue, but doing it again seems to have stuck this time. Thanks again

That’s right, @Blake. The Tiller Labs add-on doesn’t have spreadsheet event-tracking capability and, for performance reasons, the list of managed sheets is cached. So, deleting a solution is as simple as deleting the sheet, but you will need to reload the Tiller Labs add-on to rebuild the list of managed solutions.

Thanks for putting the video together, @Blake.