How to restore to prior version

I did file/version history/see version history. Then I selected the version I wanted to restore to and then hit the “restore this version” button. Then I got this error message:

Does anyone have a solution or know what I am doing wrong?



Hi @Blake,
I’ve had some issues as well where Google did not let me restore a prior version.

I was able to select the 3 dots to the right of the version, in the version list, and “Make a copy”.

I ran into the problem when a sheet was removed from the spreadsheet. Not sure if that was the cause. Of course, that shouldn’t break it.

I haven’t been able to restore sheets for a few weeks either, @Blake. I thought maybe I had corrupted my setup, but, if others are seeing similar issues, perhaps Google is between stable builds. Hoping it resolves soon. It’s frustrating.


I struggled with this last week as well and eventually gave up with no workaround.