How to Show Retained Earnings from Month to Month

I’m current using the monthly budget to track my spending each month. What the sheet doesn’t allow me to do is show a line item for my retained earnings from month to month? Is there a different sheet that I should be using that includes that line item?

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@nobey21, can you explain more about what you mean by “retained earnings” from month to month?

Two community built solutions come to mind:

The Monthly Analysis sheet:

The Savings Budget

Both of which are compatible with the Foundation template.

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Retained earnings is how much I have left over in my account month to month. I’m definitely using the wrong terminology but that’s what I need to show in my budget.

Hi @nobey21, it sounds to me like what you want to use is the Savings Budget that Heather linked to. The default Monthly Budget doesn’t carry over any amounts from month to month.

Lets say you budgeted $500 for groceries in January, and only spent $400. With the Savings Budget, that extra $100 will show up as “Savings” in that category for the February budget. The page Heather linked to can give you a better explanation.

I want to be clear that the Savings Budget is not looking at your bank account for the actual amount of money in it. It is just calculating the amount to roll over to the next month (“Savings”) based on your budget and transactions.

If you have more questions feel free to ask!