How to sync transferwise

I am attempting to sync my Transferwise account to Tiller, but keep hitting a non-specific error. Has anybody else had this issue? And if so, how did you resolve it?


Hopefully you’ve already reached out to our team via the Chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at about this issue if you still haven’t been able to get it connected. Usually, if an error like this persists for more than a week we need to contact our data provider for help.


Thanks for the response Heather. I have reached out to the support team directly. As a general question, how long does it typically take to get a response to an issue posted in the community help section? I’ve chewed through my 30 day free trial without being able to sync all accounts. Thanks again for ,getting me know the right path for resolution.

Great question! We don’t have any SLA for help in the community right now. It’s just whenever we can get to it and why we recommend reaching out to the support team via chat directly for mission critical issues like data feed disconnections like this one. Community is mostly for learning about what’s possible with Tiller Money and getting inspiration and help from other community members, which also just contribute when they can.

I’ve extended your free trial for another 60 days while we work through the transferwise issue for you with our data provider.


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