How to trigger Refresh and Fill Programmatically?

As many may have observed, syncing is many times not up to the date.

I saw today that my data is 4 days old. In this time period, ALL banks would not have missed polling. And the AutoFill also should have updated data. Both processes would not have been missed for 4 days. Chase and BoA are pretty friendly in Auto refresh by aggregators. Others (like Prosperity etc.) are not and I do not expect those to be up to date.

I did refresh manually and then ran the Fill and balances look better.

I believe we have to leave with it. But Refreshing about 25 logins is painful.

Give this scenario, is there a way we can programmatically refresh and fill? Google Sheet Script? If so, I can put it on timer and get a fresher set of data.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @bigspringsubway

First, I’d double check that your Auto Fill for Google Sheets is still enabled.

In the past this setting would get toggled off when you were automatically logged out of the Google Sheets add-on (prior to yesterday this was once every 28 days, now it’s once ever 90 days).

Last month we also updated the add-on so that when you were logged out it would skip the Auto Fill but not toggle the setting off so that when you did eventually log back in the Auto Fill would resume the next day (between 2-6AM)

Chase and BoA should definitely be automatically refreshing on their own within a ~36 hour time window and if Auto Fill is enabled in that spreadsheet that data shouldn’t be 4 days delayed.

Can you check the Auto Fill setting and let me know?

Thanks. I will recheck and test for few days and will update.

However, how can I automate refreshing all accounts and fill?


Hi @bigspringsubway When you click “fill” or the Auto Fill runs, it’s filling everything we’ve got at that time so that’s an all in one shot thing, but there is not a “refresh all” option. Refreshing all institutions at once is a violation of the use of our data provider’s API and can cause more harm than good from a refresh error vs success rate perspective (trust me, we’ve tried).


As suggested by you, I waited.

My Autofill is on, but data is still stale as you can see.

I would like to know if it was fill issue or refresh issue? I am pretty sure it must have been refreshed several times in last 3 4 days.

Can you trace the issue?


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