How To Use the Holiday Gift Planner

Here’s a quick guide to using Tiller’s new Holiday Gift Planner.

How To Get The Holiday Gift Planner

  • Open or try a Tiller Spreadsheet that tracks your purchases

  • Select Add-Ons -> Tiller Labs -> View Solutions

  • Then Add a Solution

  • Select the Holiday Gift Planner

  • Select Add to Spreadsheet

This will add a Holiday Planner sheet to your spreadsheet and a Tag column to your Transactions sheet if one doesn’t already exist.

How To Use the Gift Planner

  • Enter the names of the people you want to give gifts to in Column A under "Recipient (use as the tag in Transactions). You can use just their first names, just their last names, or both first and last names. Whatever you pick, those will be the exact names you will add to the Tags column in the Transaction sheet when one of the purchases for that person appears in the Transaction sheet.

  • When you add a recipient, you can also add a Budget amount for that person. Or, you can wait until you enter the proposed gifts in the Gift List section.

  • In the Gift List section starting in Row 55, enter individual gifts to track. For each gift, you can enter a description, the recipient, a reference or estimated price, the status, a Link to the item online, and notes. You are not required to use any of these columns, but use the ones you think will help organize your holiday purchases.

You can only select a recipient if they have been added to the Recipient List above. One recipient can, of course, have several rows of gifts. Lucky them!

Status options are Idea, Purchased, Wrapped and Shipped.

  • Head back to the top of the sheet. You will see the total amount for each person if you entered Reference prices in the Gift List column. This can help you adjust or add the Budget amount in column B. The total budget will be calculated in B8.

  • As gift transactions start appearing in your Transactions sheet, tag them with the exact Recipient names. The total for each person will appear in the Spent column. You can also see how much budget is left for each person in the Budget Available column, based on your Budget and actual, tagged transactions.

  • The Purchased / Ideas column uses the Gift List and counts gift Purchases and Ideas. For the purposes of this column, every gift is counted as an Idea. All gifts that are in status Purchased, Wrapped and Shipped count as Purchased here.

  • In the middle section, you can get a Detailed view for the Recipient you select in B32. This includes actual transactions where they have been tagged and their items in the Gift List` below.

This section has a limit of the last 15 transactions for the selected person.

View Sample Version

Here’s a link to a view-only version of spreadsheet. You can use the Use Template button to make your own copy. Or use the Tiller Labs Add-on to install a new sheet in your Tiller spreadsheet.