How to use the Tiller Money Labs Add-on

Is there any way to get to these sample templates without granting the Tiller add-on blanket access to all of my Drive spreadsheets? Full read/write access to all of my personal Google spreadsheets (which is what that first scope sure sounds like…) feels way too broad. Thank you. @randy

@vlanard @randy

Full access is my understanding but Randy will know for sure. Blake

Good question, @vlanard. Unfortunately, the Google v4 API copyTo function we use to add and remove templates from spreadsheets in the Tiller Labs add-on relies on a broad permission. To offer the sheet insertion and management functionality, “full access” via the scope is required.

We do not use this broad scope to access YOUR other spreadsheets. Rather, we use it to access OUR master templates and insert them into your active spreadsheet.

We anticipated that some users would be reluctant to grant this scope so we have bifurcated all core subscription services into the Tiller Money Feeds add-on which we strive to shoehorn into the much narrower scope.

At this time, we are only able to offer the free & optional Tiller Labs add-on with the broader scope.


Thanks for the detailed answer. @randy @Blake
If there’s a future possibility of sharing sample sheets containing Template reports as a workaround for those folks who aren’t ready to grant full read/write scope, i’d be a fan. (Or some other document-limited scope)
Have a good one!

I hear you, @vlanard. The Google ecosystem is rapidly evolving. I’m hopeful that the scopes become more discrete and that we can leverage the copyTo capability without unnecessarily requesting scopes/access to all of a user’s spreadsheets… or that there are alternative/new methods for us to insert templates without making such broad requests. We will keep an eye on it.

We thought there MIGHT be users who were uncomfortable with the broader Tiller Labs permissions. Confirming this through your feedback (and perhaps other users) recognizes this issue as an opportunity to improve the platform. So, thanks for speaking up!



I’d echo the permissions concern. The only reasons I am comfortable using Tiller with Google Sheets is that it limits itself to the current spreadsheet. Requiring full account access to use Tiller Labs is a non-starter for me.

I’m happy to jump through a few hoops to get access to the sheets for various labs features I’d like to try out, if there is a manual-install alternative you could make available.

There isn’t a manual install option right now and the workaround we’ve recommended to others is to use a separate Google account they don’t care too much about giving more broad permissions to. We certainly aren’t using the permissions to access other sheets or data in your drive, it’s because of the way we “copy” solutions from our master template into customer sheets. There isn’t a way to do that without the use of the V4 API from Google and that’s what requires such broad permissions. Thanks for the feedback though.