How to use the Trim Balance History in the Tiller Labs add-on

About Trim Balance History

Tiller’s data feed adds new balance records to the Balance History sheet sometimes more often than once per day. As time passes, the balances dataset can become very large, causing decreased spreadsheet performance.

The Trim Balance History utility removes extraneous balance history entries by trimming them down to a single balance entry for each day, week, or month (for each account). The frequency you’d like to see is configurable. You can choose all accounts or a single account for trimming.

How to use Trim Balance History

  1. Open (or Install) the Tiller Labs add-on from the Add-ons menu at the top of your Tiller-powered Google Sheet.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Utilities > Trim Balance History. The workflow will check for compatibility issues.
  3. Leave “All accounts” selected if you want to trim all accounts or choose an Account from the Account(s) dropdown list.
  4. Choose your frequency from the Balance History Frequency dropdown list. You can choose to keep one balance history entry per day, week, or month for all or a single account. If you’re trimming one account at a time, you can choose a different frequency option per account.
  5. Click the Trim button.
  6. Before deleting the Balance History entries, you will get a confirmation dialog— e.g. “Ready to trim 174 Balance History rows. Are you sure you want to proceed?”
  7. Click Yes.

Be aware that modifications from the Balance History Pruner can only be undone using Sheet’s Version History tools.

How Trim Balance History works

  • The trimmer will always preserve the most recent balance history entry for all accounts.
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This works great! Thanks for the awesome guide!

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Thank you. Please can you add a section or a link on how to schedule this trimmer?


Sorry, I just removed those references. The Trimmer doesn’t have a schedule feature right now. The original version that was a separate add-on did and I repurposed the content but forgot to remove those references.