How to Write Auto Cat Description (Grocery Store sells "fuel" as well and transaction includes)

How do I write auto cat description so “King Soopers 0072 Fuel” goes to Auto Gas, but “King Soopers 0072” goes to Groceries?.

Hi @Larry,

I believe you can accomplish this by putting the “auto/gas” rule higher in the list than the “groceries list” and be sure to include the “fuel” qualifier in the “Description contains” “King Soopers 0072 Fuel” - that will catch the fuel ones first and then the rest should get caught with the groceries rule.

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Thanks. :grinning: Awesome will try. (IF Heather there is some lingo to add to the “Description includes” like “peaches” BUT NOT or “peaches” AND other code words, let me know.)

In case this helps someone else, a careful read of the relevant detailed Tiller article on AutoCat suggests powerful tools that help here and in many other cases.

IF the text of the Description column (“Description Contains”) doesn’t easily hold the solution, the trick is to figure out what column of the transaction row in play is unique and will distinguish it for categorizing. In my case, I added a column and named it “Description Ends With” - see the article for other filter language. Why? All my gas purchases end with the text string “Fuel”, so bingo autocat snags them.

(I also had to be careful to rename the new Description slightly different than the grocery store name so a later autocat rule didn’t change it back to “Groceries”. I have it rename the Description of those transactions with “Fuel” as “KSoopers Gas”; the vast number of other King Soopers transactions not ending in “Fuel” I have AutoCat rename the Description as “King Soopers” as well as categorize as “Groceries”.)
A Lowe’s transaction description as rendered by Tiller’s import includes absolutely no distinguishing info (only listing the store number) so “Description Contans” doesn’t snag, but the “Institution Contains” column snags “Lowe’s” - so bingo there.

All this may be well understood by the expert folks here; but just in case a newbie is reading in their early work with AutoCat, thought I’d share.

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