How would you categorize purchase of home computer

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Categorizing the purchase of a desktop computer is stumping me because the computer is used for SO MANY things! It’s for entertainment, it’s for business, it’s for personal financial record-keeping, it’s for dozens of categories of communications, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

What would you suggest?

Thank you.

I have a “Technology” category that I use for things like cameras, laser cutters, computers, 3D-printer upgrades, software subscriptions, etc.


Hi @cogreg:

In our house we have two types of purchases for home use:

  • Home Supplies: These are things that are consumed and replenished on a regular basis: furniture polish, paper towels, stamps, printer ink and paper, etc…since we often purchase these while buying groceries, we created this category to track non-food consumables. (We split the groceries receipts among Groceries and Home Supplies. Shameless plug for the new, memorized splitter tool :wink: Just change the amounts!)

  • Home Purchases: These are assets with a longer life. Things like yard tools, computers, picture frames, towels, furniture, printers, etc…

Lots of really good ways to do this.
Hope that helps, too.

PS. Here’s a more expansive resource on Category design.


Hi @cogreg,

Like @randy, I have an Electronics/Software category that I use for purchases such as TVs, computers, etc. I would assign a new desktop computer purchase and any accompanying software to this category.

Like @Brad.warren, I also have Home Supplies (consumable) and Home Goods and Furnishings (durable) categories, and we split our shopping receipts among the appropriate categories. I just happen to prefer to call out the Electronics purchases separately.

In the end, a lot comes down to preference. The most important thing is that your categories work for you. :slight_smile:

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I have an “Office Supplies” category that I use for printer, ink, paper, computer, pens, etc. For some people (not sure if it is your case), such supplies can be part of a home office or business tax deduction.