I Am Leaving Tiller

To all community members and users,

I have decided to leave Tiller. I thought you should know. I have met many great users in this community and I will miss you all. I do not have a destination yet so I will be around until I find a landing spot. I will be less involved in the community so if you were wondering where I am, now you know.

The reason is customer support. I have been experiencing some issues this past week and I have not received the service that I expect and deserve. I have received both adequate and inadequate service in the past but I seem to remember the inadequate service the most. This past week I have experienced a lack of urgency, untimely communication, and lack of communication. I have expressed my concerns about these issues to Tiller since day one. However, over time, things seem to be getting worse rather than better.

This was a hard decision for me. Who knows what the future will hold or where I will land but I owe it to myself to look for something else because the service I am receiving now is unacceptable, intolerable, and way too stressful.

I see examples of my issues all though out the community.

Please continue this discussion as I hope we can all learn something from this.



Hey man.

Remember about COVID? It has made things really hard for everyone everywhere.

As far as the issues, what were they? Quite frankly, all trackers and budget sheets have their issues. But at least we get some sort of support from people that aren’t in an Indian call center here!

Tiller does need to give weekly updates though on what exactly it is they are working on each week vs the “i dunno” when it comes to timelines to fix issues.

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