I am missing Transactions

I started with Tiller last September but noticing now that September 2020 Transactions have been deleted/omitted
Can you help me understand why and how can view all transactions, going forward?


So, you saw these September transactions at one time and now they are gone, right?

The system says you joined 12-15-20. When you link accounts, sometimes you get transactions back 90 days but not always. If you got 90 days back on everything you linked, then best case you would have only got the last half of September.

Your user profile says you began using Tiller the beginning of September which is inconsistent with the 12-15-20 join date. The badge you received for filling out your user profile says you filled it out three days ago.

Sorry for all the details but just trying to address your issue.




Hi Blake

First and foremost, thank you for reaching out to me! I very much appreciate the quick response.

The issue in question has been resolved…poor job by me in not understanding that filters were blocking some of my Transactions.

As for my Tiller Activation Date, I did become a user in late September 2020…not sure why the December 2020 date is showing.

I do have a new issue that I am hoping that you can help me with. The Monthly Analysis Tab is not showing 2021 data…only 2020. Can you help?


Charles Bernier

Check out cell C4…