I created a streamlit Python app that reads the transactions and creates cool interactive plots in bokeh


My preferred form of analysis and visualization has been Python and using the pandas library for managing csv’s. With this new streamlit app, I was able to (1) automatically load the tiller transactions worksheet (using a secure authentication API so that the view cannot see the raw data and there is no downloading of private data), (2) process the data using pandas, and (3) create interactive visualizations and summaries of the data. All this is done behind the scenes so that whenever the tiller transactions sheet is updates, the app is automatically updated (no need to manually transfer the data or rerun any scripts. Ultimately, this allows full flexibility for visualizing and analyzing the data since Python has an enormous amount of features; the sky’s the limit! Here is a link to some of the visuals I’ve created in this app (with made-up transaction data). Again, it automatically pulls data from the tiller sheet so it works really smoothly.

Installation & Setup

This actually requires a little bit of expertise in python, github repos, and using streamlit. I can gladly share the git repo and more instructions if others are interested.


There is not that needs to be done once the app is synced with the Transaction sheet. You just open up the streamlit app which automatically pulls the data. So as long as your tiller google sheet is up to date you are good to go!


I can gladly share the repo and steps if others are interested.

Some more screen shots