Ideas for Google Tables in finance workflows?

Google just launched Tables in beta.

Have you integrated Tables into your finance workflows?
Do you have ideas on where Tables could be helpful for finance workflows?
Do you think Tables will become an important tool for finance workflows?

We are eager to hear your thoughts and ideas…


I think all of these no code modern spreadsheet apps are so interesting. Super interested in figuring out how googles works. Hopefully they don’t kill it like they do most things

Hey Randy,

We’re planning to build a household management system using Tables. We’re two working parents with two young kids, so there’s always a lot to keep track of. So although it’s not a direct financial workflow idea, we will use it to keep track of financial things.

And hopefully I’ll sync it with our Tiller budget sheet to have some oversight of the big picture stuff inside of Tables, with a link to jump over to the Tiller Sheet for more in depth analysis.

Anyway, all just thoughts in my head at the moment :wink: Will post more here if/when it becomes concrete!

Would love to hear thoughts from others too…



@benlcollins let me know if/when you get this all wired up with Tiller Money if you’d want to host a webinar with us on it :wink: @randy and I do a Community Webinar every other week and we’d love to have you as a special guest on this topic or really anything else you’re interested in sheets related! Folks still watch the one we did last year.


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Hi @benlcollins,
Thanks for testing out the new Google Tables.

Do you know if when you import an existing Sheet into Tables it’s a one-time import? Or will new changes in Sheets be synced over to the Table?

I tried a Google Table on mobile and it didn’t work well. In the board mode, when i scrolled I was moving cells. Have you used it on mobile devices?

My initial take… a neat idea. But there are lots of rough edges and the others in the field have a more advanced product.


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Will be in touch. Unfortunately not a priority next couple of months tho. :+1:

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Hey @jonorlin!

Great question.

(1) Sheets --> Tables is a one time import at the moment.

(2) Tables --> Sheets can be synced using the IMPORTDATA function and your Tables url, so that is it a connection.

However, you can use Apps Script to paste data from Sheets into Tables, so you could create a connection solution for (1).

Re Tables on mobile, it’s clearly not optimized for that yet, so you have to use a little care with the boards moving etc. I’ve had the same issue with the cards as you describe. I’m sure they will make a mobile app one day if the tool succeeds though. Hopefully!


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Good to hear everyone’s initial impressions and questions.

It’s interesting to me that they are pricing it separately from G Suite even though it would naturally fit into G Suite.

I am guessing this is a way to evaluate it’s value without committing to it. Getting customers to pay separately for a service gives Google a strong signal to invest more.

Conversely, since it’s an “Area 120” project, having it priced separately from G Suite makes it easier for Google to deprecate it (or change it significantly) as needed too.

Looks promising. Eager to hear how others find it as they put some miles on it!

Thanks @randy for mentioning Tables. I had not heard about it until your post and am really looking forward to learning more about it and diving in.