If you use multiple savings accounts as "envelopes" how do you like your bank?

I’ve been using Ally Bank for years, and have only good things to say about them in general. Unfortunately, they’ve recently added 2FA (two-factor authentication) which, aside from being an imperfect form of security, takes a lot of the joy out of using Tiller.

Faced with the decision to keep Ally or keep Tiller, I’m going with Tiller!

With that in mind, I’d love to get your feedback below if you use a bank which…

  • works flawlessly with Tiller (i.e., not constantly hampered by 2FA)
  • allows you to open 15+ savings accounts
  • offers checking
  • has either no monthly fees on balances over $100
  • you actively like :wink:

To keep the noise to a minimum, please start with bullet points listing…

  • bank name
  • savings APY (for consistency, leave off the APR)
  • checking APY (if applicable)

Feel free to add pros and cons if any stand out.


P.S. The best options I’ve found so far are Bank5 Connect and Alliant Credit Union. Anyone got experience with these?

I’m using Alliant Credit Union. Currently it works well with Tiller. The only negative is it takes a day or so more for transcations to show up. I use them mostly for their 2.5% cash back credit card.

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I like Simple and their Expenses and Goals features. One account but separated into “envelopes”

Savings APY 1.49%
Checking APY .01%

If you have questions, let me know

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Ironically (?), one of Ally, Yodlee, or Tiller seems to have made a change recently such my Ally accounts are now syncing automatically again. So, suddenly the pressure for me to change banks has suddenly evaporated.

I’m still glad I posted this, and grateful for all of your thoughtful responses, which may very well come in handy in the future.

The difference between fully-automated sync and wait-a-few-minutes-every-time sync is night and day when it comes to feeling good about managing finances, so it’s great to have some positive references for banks that have been working well! :nerd_face: