I'm only getting BALANCE data from checking and savings accounts, NOT transactions

Sorry, I’ve only been using Tiller about a week, but I’ve searched Tiller and the Community and can’t figure this out. Didn’t know who to ask.
I’m using Excel, and I’ve linked my checking, savings, and VISA accounts to my spreadsheet. When I have Tiller feed in new data, it feeds in all of my VISA transactions, but when I have a savings or checking transaction, it always just feeds in the new balance for my savings or checking account. How can I get Tiller to feed in individual transactions (interest, deposits, checks, etc.) for my savings and checking accounts just like it does for my VISA account? Thanks in advance for your help.

the same is occurring for me for one particular bank. I am getting transaction info for my other institutions.

Two days ago Tiller contacted me and said, “It sounds like our data aggregator needs to fix their mapping, they are pulling the wrong info.” Of course, they were out July 4, yesterday, but they did touch base today.

The only accounts that I had linked that were affected were two savings and two checking accounts. (My VISA accounts were being handled correctly.) I have only had a few transactions in checking and savings the past couple of days, and those few transactions were fed into my spreadsheet correctly. So, they may be working on this issue for me–or they may have even fixed it.

In the next few days I will be able to determine if this problem has been resolved. If it has been, I will post back on this conversation and let the Community know.

Greetings all who stumble upon this topic. My situation has been RESOLVED. My two checking accounts and my two savings that were linked to my Tiller Excel spreadsheet had not been feeding in individual TRANSACTION data. Instead, each time there was a transaction, the feed only provided the current, account BALANCE data to populate the “Amount” on my “Transactions” worksheet. Because of that, I officially asked Tiller for help. I was a new Tiller subscriber, and I had six accounts that were were newly linked–four accounts with problems.

Over the course of almost a week, the Tiller team and I monitored the four problem accounts (VISA accounts were not an issue), and the data began to improve–transaction data began to be fed into my spreadsheet as TRANSACTION data. Recently, I performed six, small, separate transactions to confirm that the system was performing correctly. I deposited or withdrew cash from accounts, checks were written, and electronic cash transfers were made between accounts. As a result, I have confirmed that the process is now performing as it should.

What resolved this issue? Tiller says, “Our data feeds just straightened themselves out before we intervened. If you ever see an issue like this, a refresh error, missing transactions, or duplicate transactions it’s best to wait about a week before reaching out since they can usually rectify on their own. Whenever something persists for a week our team can go in and fix the feeds.” I have been a new Tiller subscriber for a little over a week, and my data feeds are now accurate. It’s all good. Thanks to the Tiller team, for being responsive, for being courteous, and for being patient with a new subscriber!