I'm seeing financial data for an account that is not mine

A few minutes ago I was perusing all my accounts in Tiller when I came across a “new” account listed that I do not own. I’m nearly certain it wasn’t there yesterday, but beyond that I’m not exactly sure when it made its initial appearance in my Tiller account. Neither the name nor the account number are familiar to me. When I log in directly to the parent Vanguard account, I only see the three “Jill” accounts listed. Those three should be the only three in that account. When I enabled the “new” account by checking the box in the upper screenshot below, I was able to pull in the account’s balance as shown in the lower screenshot.

It’s extremely concerning that data belonging to another Tiller customer has apparently been inappropriately linked to my Tiller account. Has anyone else ever encountered anything like this before? I’ve already contacted support, but I’m not likely to hear back from them until tomorrow.

No I have never seen that. But you are right., that is very concerning. Please let us know the outcome.

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Do you see any indications of that account in your Vanguard console? I doubt this is a Tiller thing, I suspect it’s either something with the feed Vanguard is putting out, or with Yodlee, who supplies the bank info to Tiller. Definitely something you want to track down though…

No. As I indicated above, that account is not shown when I log in directly to the Vanguard console.

The response I’ve gotten from support so far has not been particularly comforting:

it looks like that account was brought in on Oct 27, 2022, but it’s not coming back in the API response at all anymore. I’m really am not sure why it showed up in the first place if you have no relation to this person, but I think it’s safe to remove it from the Console. Let me know if you run into any trouble doing that.

“I don’t know” is hardly the explanation I was hoping for.

When you post things in the “Community” area you are getting most responses from other users of the product. Ths sounds more like a Core issue that needs to be addressed by the Tiller support team. When you are on the Tiller Welcome page you can use the Chat box in the lower right-hand corner to initiate a trouble ticket directly with them. Whenever I have had a Core system issue, they have always been extremely helpful in solving the issue.

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I read your thread again and see that you have already contacted them. Hopefully you will get a response soon.

The way I read it is that was the response from support.

Indeed it was. I edited my post for clarity. I’ve received no further information on the subject today.

I just replied to you @nspreitzer, but to recap here, I apologize for the sense that we didn’t care about this issue. I do care, but also wanted to rectify the situation quickly by having you remove the account. In hindsight I could have asked you to hold off so the team could take a closer look - though I was not confident the investigation would warrant anything notable because there was nothing coming back from the API and the outcome may still be to just have you remove the account.

I have never seen this happen during my 7 years here at Tiller, but if anyone should find this happens to them, please reach out directly to our support channel and I will handle more intentionally to ensure we review whatever additional information may be available in our logs.