Import CSV Line Items workflow question - Mercury line import line items

I’m attempting to import a CSV file from my Mercury accounts, but the Import CSV reports that there are no transactions found despite having 30 (or so) transactions. I’ve used the same import template on my other accounts USAA, Valliant FSB, Chase, Capital One without issue. Any clues as to where I can look? When I look at the CSV in a plain text editor, I see everything is indeed comma separated. I also can import into Excel, Numbers, and Google Sheets and they all display the data correctly. I’ve re-downloaded my raw transactions as we as doing a manual copy/paste into a fresh set of files… nothing seems to work. I’m wondering if Mercury could be inserting non-visible special characters which interfere with the CSV import tool?

Any advice?

PS: Please fix the Mercury sync!

Can you clarify, @easynerdy

  • You are using the CSV Line Item Importer in the Tiller Money Solutions add-on?
  • You are using the Basic Bank CSV workflow?
  • You have not already imported transactions matching those in the CSV (with some formats it captures metadata to avoid reimporting the same data)?
  • The dates and amounts in your transactions are formatted as valid dates and numbers respectively (i.e not as text)? (You might want to try applying these formats and re-exporting the CSV to ensure the formatting is applied.)

Hope these steps and checks help.